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How It Happen

Your daily dose os sweet with no complex at a fair price

During the pandemic, Zizi Factory has been founded by three friends.

The idea came up while discussing online, one of us mentioned he did not have a relationship for a long time. Another one he


Looking up on internet how to satisfy him, nothing could be best than a fanny or willy waffle. After laughing a lot, we realise this was not available in the UK. This push us to bring and re-adapt the concept to London.


Open for new discoveries and sweet delicassy, we are currently developing a menu to satify your sweetest envy - STAY TUNED ;)


In the heart of London

Do you think of anything sweeter than a french kiss ?

Zizi Factory first ever location is at 65/67 Neal Street, Neals Yard, Covent Garden, London – Opened in June 2021. 


The shop immerses you in a bohemian atmosphere enhanced with cozy wooden chairs and flowers spread all around the space - Sweet, delightful, and cozy. 

Starting from February 2023, discover a new location at 87 Great Easter Street, Shoreditch, London.



Dedication. Fun. much Alive.

Zizi Team is a lot like a small family. Everything is handled in-house. Meghan and Salma operate the shop and make sure you get your naughty treat the right way. In the back Adrien, David, and Antoine are developing your next local naughty juicy bakery.

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